conveyancing quality scheme

What you need to know about conveyance quality scheme?

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is a special program that residential conveyancers who are registered by the Solicitor Regulation Authority are invited to join. Membership of the conveyance quality scheme means that a solicitor is committed to the best conveyancing practices possible. It is like an additional certificate that guarantees a solicitor a successful career in conveyance. CQS has his own standards and protocols. A firm that is joining CQS must be ready to change its standards of practice to match those of the program.  CQS is beneficial to both solicitors and their clients.

One of the things a client will look for in a solicitor is the qualifications that he has for the job. Clients are just solicitor’s bosses. They want the best out of their workers. One way of getting the best out of an employee is by ensuring that he is respected in his field.  CQS membership shows that a solicitor is properly qualified to offer conveyance services.

Conveyancing Quality Scheme Incentives

CQS offers solicitors various incentives for improving their performance.  CQS has a set of standards that solicitors may use in their day to work. These standards are derived from previous experience in conveyancing. They help conveyancers avoid inadvertent mistakes that they could make if they did not know how to go about certain situations. The standards are similar to the codes of ethics of the Solicitor Regulation Authority. They reinforce rather than negate the importance of codes of conduct of the SRA.

Members of CQS are the best in their business. CQS accept only those solicitors who have been approved by the SRA. These solicitors are further trained on the best conveyancing practices. Training seminars are organized regularly.  CQS brings together many solicitors. A solicitor, especially the young ones, gets an opportunity to learn from his colleagues.

CQS Best Practices

The CQS also ensures that a law firm is well connected. In their day to day work, solicitors need insurance firms, mortgage lenders, insurance  firms and solicitor regulators.  Buyers  expect solicitor to  is well connected to a mortgage lender. A solicitor who knows a mortgage lender will easily help his client get a loan. Mortgage lenders trust solicitors who are CQS members. This is because CQS stresses on best practices and ethical behavior. A solicitor with CQS membership will also easily help his client get insurance covers. Mortgage lenders and insurance firms have solicitors that they prefer working with. A borrower who hires a solicitor that is not on a mortgage lender’s list may have to pay fees for the mortgage lender’s solicitor or be denied a loan.

Solicitors who have CQS membership are relatively safe from the wrath of solicitor regulatory authorities. Every solicitor is bound to make a mistake. Some clients take even the smallest mistakes too seriously. A client can complain to a regulatory authority about a mistake and have a solicitor’s certificate suspended. CQS can intervene on behalf of its members. It can advise clients on how to solve the problem in a more simple manner rather than appeal to the Solicitor Regulation Authority.

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