conveyancing fees comparison

The truth about conveyancing fees comparison online

The internet today has enabled many buyers and sellers to find a conveyancer online. All you have to do is to type in your location and more importantly the cost that you are willing to pay for conveyancing. The logic behind such sites is that the cheaper option is always, the better one. However one has to wonder whether cheaper will always measure up to quality. Indeed it is true that quality, more often than not, is costly. It should, therefore, be logical that the better the service that is offered in conveyancing, the more expensive the solicitor or conveyancer. However as we are going to see, conveyancing fees comparison are not always that simple.
A conveyancer’s job is to take care of the legal matters relating to a real estate transaction. For a very long time, before the advent of the internet, one had to settle for the nearest conveyancer or solicitor as it proved to be difficult to look for a conveyancer far away. This led to some sort of monopoly, and the solicitor has no pressure to offer quality services or even lower his/her charges. Today, however, times have changed as one can easily get a conveyancer online no matter the location. The only thing that matters when selecting is price and quality.
With the increased number of service providers the internet has also tried to solve the problem of choice by trying to narrow down the options based specifically on the price. Sites like base their entire website on their ability to compare quotes between different conveyancers and solicitors so as to enable the customer to choose the best and in most cases the cheapest option. However that these sites make no mention of the quality of service that is offered and in a sense try to make up for it by providing reviews and also site links which you can use to get information about the conveyancers in question. Reviews and sites are however substantially insufficient in drawing a clear picture of the kind of service offered.
So the question is, how do you find a solicitor/conveyancer with the right balance of quality and price? To do that you will need someone whose judgment is sober and impartial. For one to make a judgment on the quality and not price alone, they must be well versed with the industry and more specifically the needs of the client in question. Some sites pride themselves on their ability to offer compare conveyancers not only on the cost but also on their quality.
However, at the end of the day, the buck stops with you the buyer or the seller. If you really want to get to know the conveyancer or the solicitor, then you will have to pay them a visit. It is advisable that in the selection process, you narrow down to a few lawyers who fit your budget but don’t select one just yet. Pay them a visit and see the kind of services they offer. It is only then that you will be able to correctly choose the best solicitor based on both the price and the quality.

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