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Bristol Property Conveyancing Solicitors

Bristol Property Conveyancing Solicitors

Bristol village is popular for being one of the most exclusive communities in the Northwest region of England. It has very attractive property, especially for high-end customers. Such real estate begs for the services of conveyancing solicitors Bristol who will do their best to ensure that your transaction is completed fast ahead of competing potential buyers. The area is thus home to a number of conveyancers all trying to get a piece of the huge demand in the well to do village. Here are some of the most outstanding conveyancers in Bristol.

Battrick Clark Solicitors

Formed in 1997 Battrick Clark has been steadily growing as a conveyancing solicitors law firm. They have built for themselves a reputation of excellent service delivery over the years and have been at the forefront of the online revolution. Their lovely professionals will make you feel comfortable and catered while at the same time giving you the standard of service that you desperately need. They deal with several categories of law thus they are in a better position of dealing with complicated cases that may require the expertise in other fields other than property law. Their office is on Whiteladies Rd, open until 5.00pm during workdays.

Barcan and Kirby

According to their website, this is a conveyancing solicitors firm that specialises and even pride itself on being ‘friendly and approachable’. Here is a firm that any customer would enjoy consulting on any issue. They have a professional yet friendly approach to serving their clients. Their dedication to excellent customer care has earned them a good reputation in Bristol contributing to their success in the area. If you are looking for people who will actually listen and understand you, then these are the guys you would want to go to. Their office is at 34 Gloucester Road open until 5.00 pm during workdays.

Veale Wasbrough Vizards

Their office is on Narrow Quay Real Estate House. Their emphasis is to simplify the whole process of conveyancing. They understand the difficulty and the complexity of the process. They seek to ensure that the client does not get bogged down by the process or the legal jargon by eliminating the paperwork, delays, and jargon. Their straightforward approach has earned them the success they currently enjoy not only in Bristol but also in London and Watford.

Fussel Wright

This is a law firm that you can trust with your transaction; their professionals will ensure that your case is dealt with and that you are happy with the results.

Bristol is awash with qualified conveyancing solicitors. If you are looking for someone to listen to your case and complete a transaction for you, then be sure that your case will be the priority.


Conveyancing in Norwich

Conveyancing in Norwich

The regional administrative centre for East Anglia and county town of Norfolk, Norwich is a densely populated area, with extensive suburban areas. This makes it a favourable living area for many new house owners. The process of conveyancing does not present any particularities compared to any other UK area.

The conveyancing fees in Norwich depend on the property type, if you are selling or buying and if a mortgage is included in the transaction. You have to pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax when the property value is over £125,000.

One of the most reputable solicitor firm to work with when it comes to conveyancing in Norwich is NBM Massucco Shelbourne, a branch of NBM Law Conveyancing Solicitors. They rely on two system when it comes to conveyancing in Norwich: the unregistered and the registered method.

The unregistered method: If you owned your house for the last 15 years, there is no mortgage to be concerned with, and you have all the relevant paperwork to prove your ownership, the buyer can safely purchase the house, without any other complications.

The registered method: The register of HM Land Registry has all the records of changes in a land record and title to property. The solicitor’s job is to search the records thoroughly, to check if the title to is unrestricted and all the modifications to the mortgage are registered.

Their fixed fees give you an exact idea about the costs of conveyancing in Norwich.

The conveyancing calculator compares UK’s conveyancing fees, with transparent rates and no hidden costs, so you can estimate prices from solicitors and licensed conveyancers around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their quotes are detailed, itemised and include fixed fees.

Rogers&Norton, a residential conveyancing firm with a local office in Norwich, provides experienced staff and an up-to-date online system to offer you constant access to all the information you need in the conveyancing. They assist their clients from the obtaining of the title deeds to the completion day. A stress-free conveyancing is not always easy, but working with a skilled team of residential conveyancing solicitors can make the experience simpler and clear, with milestones regularly updated, so you can understand how the conveyancing works in your case and what exactly are you paying for.

Steeles Law is one of the first legal advice firms in Norfolk to have the Law Society’s coveted Conveyancing Quality Scheme’s accreditation, a mark of their quality services. Even if you need a remortgage, a transfer of equity or an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), this conveyancing firm from Norwich can handle your requests and requirements in a professional and fast manner.

Conveyancing in Manchester

Conveyancing in Manchester

The greater Manchester built-up area is the second most populous urban area in the UK and one of the biggest in Europe. This attracts tourists, business people or just people who want to move to a different area. Therefore, all activities related to these fields are blooming, from small shops to restaurants or law firms. Conveyancing in Manchester can be an easy task once you decide on one of many conveyancing firms or solicitors available in the area.

When it comes to buying a new house, finding the right one within your price range is not the only thing you need to take care of. You need to find the right solicitor to handle your conveyancing so that you can worry solely about the colours of the new curtains.

In small cities, the options are less varied, so much more easy for you to choose. Bigger cities come with more opportunities but also with the difficulty to find what you need. Conveyancing can be a simple, fast process if you have the right solicitor. On the other hand, it can be quite strenuous to pick any option from all the law firms, solicitors and conveyancers.

Manchester has an extensive panel of solicitors you can pick from, with local offices or online quotes.

Lyons and Wilson Solicitors

Lyons and Wilson Solicitors are one of the best city centre law firms, guiding your conveyancing for low-rate fees. They are accredited with the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme and supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. You can get a free appraisal on their website, and they guarantee a list of items included in the bill, maintaining their prices as transparent as they come.

  • Land Registry application forms filled
  • Leasehold properties
  • Paperwork relating to the Stamp Duty tax
  • Postage
  • Repayment of a mortgage on your sale

You can either book an appointment at their office or just go online on their website, and they will take it from there.


NBM Law enables you to have a quick conveyancing process, with low fees and the latest technology. Their conveyancing case tracker system, mobile apps for Android and iOS or email/telephone gives you full access to the team handling your case. Even if the conveyancer is nominal, there is an entire team behind him, to support him and provide the best service, ranging from buying, selling, transferring or remortgaging and covering houses, flats, apartments or plots of land.


SlaterGordon provides broad expertise, with professional solicitors and free quotes. Having a local office means a personal touch on the experience and a more profound perspective on Manchester’s conveyancing

buying a house timeline

Overview of buying a house timeline

Buying a home does not need to be as long and challenging as it sometimes is. Sure it involves much work, but if done well with the right people the process could be fast and stress-free. Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and throughout the process, you need to ensure that you do everything correctly to avoid future problems. When you are buying a house timeline for the conveyancing is something you should understand to know the state of the transaction.

Conveyance is vital during the buying process. Some of the process are unique according to the state of the property, obtaining a mortgage etc. But the timeline of events can be similar in every conveyancing transaction. A solicitor or a conveyancer is responsible for all the legal activities pertaining to the conveyance transaction. You have to first contact a solicitor or conveyancer and notify them of your need for their services. This is the first time you will be required to part with some amount to cover the initial expenditure. After signing the Letter of Engagement and payment of the first fees the transaction can start.

The complete buying a house timeline usually takes between 6 and 12 weeks for completion in the UK. The conveyancer will start by contacting the seller to get a confirmation of the transaction. They will then request the draft contract which comes with crucial information about the piece of property like the title. If you want to buy the property as a group, then you will have to state the nature of your partnership.

Draft Contract

After everything is stated out clearly, the conveyancer will start his primary duty which is to draft the contract documents. He/she will also prepare the standard forms that you will have to go through; this will enable you to check if everything is as you want it to be. Here you will want to be very careful not to miss anything as every detail is important if you have a question feel free to contact your solicitor for advice.

Mortgage Clearance (if you are obtaining a mortgage)

If you are funding your purchase by mortgage, your solicitor will receive information about your mortgage and go through it to ensure that at everything is in order. He/she can also do all the legal work one behalf of your lender.


There will usually be some questions asked and inquiries made by all the parties in the process. The solicitor will settle each and every one of them and once done you will be called to sign the contract and also any documents about the mortgage. You will then be required to transfer funds to your solicitor’s bank account for the exchange to clear in time.

Signing of contract

After signing a contract and getting a building insurance policy, you can exchange contracts with the seller. Take note that is the last stages of the transaction, once contracts exchanges hands; there is simply no turning back.

After the exchange of the contract, you will be legally bound to buy the property while the seller will also be obliged to sell. Any party who will attempt to back out of the will be liable to pay the other compensation for the losses incurred. When the contracts exchanges, the solicitor will deposit some cash in the sellers, account to act as security.


The deal will complete officially once you deposit all the amount in the seller’s account. Once done the seller will drop the keys at the real estate agent’s office where you can pick it.