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How to compare conveyancer and convey your homes in the UK

Compare Conveyancer
Ensure your Conveyancer provides online services

Buying a property is not an easy thing to do; legal property laws sure are pain to people who either have no knowledge of the legal property laws or are scared to do anything about it. Since professionals of law are available in abundant numbers in the UK, so it will not be a big deal to convey your first home with the service they provide to people. Since, there are quite a number of lawyers working in the UK, choosing the right one might be a little confusing. Fees of solicitors and licensed conveyancer are very high in the UK. Therefore, people should compare conveyancer first, before they make their decision of hiring the right person who can convey their homes.

Compare conveyancers in the counties of the UK

Reading this article, you will learn how to compare conveyancers and convey your homes in the UK. The best way to compare conveyancer is to look for experience as well as professionalism. In the next headings, you will learn about, conveyancing quotes; how to calculate it; and which conveyancer should you choose for your home buying.

Conveyancing Quote

Conveyancing quote is the price solicitor asks you to convey/buy your home of your liking. The quote includes both the solicitor basic fee/service charges plus VAT (value added tax) and the disbursement charges. Each solicitor might charge you different conveyancing quote, or he/she might ask you the same.

How to calculate conveyancing quote

It is quite easy to calculate the conveyancing quote charge by any solicitor in the UK. You can talk with an estate agent to provide you prices of homes in a certain area of the country. If a house that you wish to buy cost £300000, you can calculate conveyancing quote, as there are many online conveyancing calculators and tools available to the buyers. It will give you a lump sum idea of the conveyancing quote solicitors will ask for the home they are buying.

Average Conveyancing fee and disbursements

Solicitor might charge you basic fee of £570 plus value added charges on the services he/she provide. Average conveyancing quote for a conveyancer is somewhere around £850 in the UK.


Disbursements are fixed charges; some extra costs of conveyancing are the money you pay for Stamp Duty Land Tax, registry fee, and indemnity insurance charges. Optional charges are the costs of local authority searches and the fees for home survey.

Compare Conveyancer with different conveyancing quotes

Consider if a solicitor A charges you, £770 and solicitor B charges £870, for a home cost £300000. What will be your option? In order to compare solicitor, first you need to read all the written detail costs given to you by solicitors. If the service charges of solicitor A differ from solicitor B there might be a number of reasons for the change in service charges. That might be because:

  1. Solicitor A has more experience than solicitor B
  2. Solicitor A will do extra work for you such as help you with mortgage deal, local search services, house surveys, etc.
  3. Solicitor A consider himself/herself a leader in the industry and has more negotiating power, etc.

If that is the case then you should better hire a solicitor with more experience above the other. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to go for it than you should market for more conveyancing quotes.

Conveyancing Solicitors charges same fee

If solicitor A and solicitor B charge you the same fee for a house cost £300000, you should be happy as you have the power here. You can compare their experience in the field. You can check who among the other let you negotiate with the price.

Final Words

Above detail will give you some idea of comparing conveyancers working in the UK. If you want to learn more about conveyancing quotes, you can visit our website.

Compare conveyancing fees by solicitors/licensed conveyancers

Convey comparisonPeople need to hire conveyancers for buying homes in the UK. Home buying requires a lot of paperwork that should be done with care with the help of a professional property attorney or any person who has experience in buying property previously in the UK. The major job of the professional property law is to transfer the title of the property in your name. A property lawyer could be either a licensed conveyancer or a solicitor.

Today, we will discuss about the types of property lawyers, bodies that regulate them, and what fee property lawyers charge to their clients. Moreover, we will also compare the conveyancing fees charged by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer.


A professional solicitor is a lawyer who already has completed his four years of law degree in the UK. In addition, he must have at least 6 months of training to carry out the job by him/herself under the supervision of an experienced solicitor.

Solicitor Regulation Authority

SRA (Solicitor Regulation Authority) is the legal body that regulates solicitors in the UK. All the principle codes of conduct and regulations are defined by the SRA.

Licensed Conveyancer

A person working as a licensed conveyancer is a specialist in property conveyancing in England. He must have a CLC qualification practice license and a two year experience (practical training) under the supervision of a solicitor for being authorized to assist people in buying/selling homes in the UK.

Council for Licensed Conveyancer

Council for licensed Conveyancer is the legal body that defines all the laws, regulations, and code of conduct about the work of Licensed Conveyancers in the UK.

Solicitor Fee

He/she should charge his/her client a reasonable fee under the code of law defined by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). He/she should give you all the details of the cost required for buying the home in writing. Solicitors should clearly illustrate all the cost required and there shouldn’t be any hidden charges.

Licensed Conveyancer fee

He/she mostly charged fixed rate fees. They mostly charge money under the heading of “no win, no pay” fee. That is a good sign for buyers, as they have not to worry about charges of conveyancing if they wouldn’t get the desired result.

Comparing fee charged by solicitors and licensed conveyancer

They both should charge a reasonable fee to their clients. Both of them must apply all their energy and experience in achieving the maximum benefit for their clients. Method of charging fee might differ and also the fees. Below is the comparison of the fees charged by solicitors and licensed conveyancers.

Solicitor fees vs Licensed Conveyancer fee

  1. A solicitor mostly charges fees based on an hourly rate, i.e. hours, he/she has worked on the case of their clients. However, it is not obligatory that every solicitor charge on an hourly basis, a few solicitors might charge fixed rate fees to the clients. Licensed conveyancer on the other side mostly charges based on fix rates.
  2. In most of the times, solicitor charges are higher than that of a licensed conveyancer. However, fees may differ based on their experience in house buying and selling in a specific area of the UK.
  3. Licensed Solicitors have experience in handling cases of home buying and selling. They have special training and expertise in handling property cases, while on the other side, the solicitor can handle legal cases of other types such as criminal cases, divorce cases, etc.


It is a common question that people ask, what is the best option hiring a licensed conveyancer or a solicitor. It all depends on the clients; they have to decide whether they have to select the solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. However, one should know about his/her budget for the home, type of property he/she is buying, and what type of experience in required in buying the property. That will help a lot in making the decision of buying the ideal residency.